Sweet and
Savory Crepes



Paula, a little Italian rebel stumbles upon Alex, a crazy London punk at a squat party in Hackney. A reckless friendship is forged.


Alex leaves London to move back to Long Beach, California, Paula stays in London doing her thang!


After years a part, the two friends bump into each other in Berlin, Germany at @Punkanddisorderlyfestival …and are punk and disorderly together again!


Paula moves to California and marries Alex right there and then!


The two start volunteering their free time to NO KILL shelters…learn a lot about injustice to animals and activism to protect them.


NO silver spoon here, folks… so they hold down their day jobs…but their true passion is animals rights…hence it seems time to ditch meat!


Alex and Paula learn about the cruelty in the dairy and egg industry…so decide to ditch those too!


What the hell is going on with vegans not having awesome choices?? Cruelty-free does not mean yum-yum-free, right?!?!


Paula and Alex start messing around with recipes…the world needs sublime vegan crepes!


Oh yes we are!!...Opening our first VCrepes Punk shop in the LBC!!!! And this is just the beginning…!!

We decided it was time to create a crepe shop that is completely vegan but provided the same great taste and satisfaction as dairy crepes do. After 2 years of trying different recipes VCrepes was ready. We are a family of animal lovers and advocates who wanted to bring great crepes to the masses without compromising on taste.

The Promise

  • 100% Plant Based Menu.
  • 100% Recycled Packaging. NO PLASTICS.
  • Locally Grown Fresh Ingredients.
  • 2% of Profits Donated to the NO KILL EQUATION.

The Goal

Promote an alternative to dairy crepes without losing out on taste. Change the public’s perception of eating healthier. Educate awareness of other choices of food products.


420 Cherry Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone (562) 588-9053